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Corpse Paint: A social experiment of the cringiest kind.

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As a part of a dumb ass school project, a select few students must come in, wearing the stereotypical garb of a subculture. I got to pick, so I picked black metal culture. I will document all weird shit related to corpse paint covered me here.

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Really? this is awesome. I can't wait to see the results.

Holy balls yes, that sounds amazing

Day 1:
Walked in
stared at by entire school
school returns to normal.

Lessons are awkward.


Girl asks what make-up I use as a joke
BVB fanboy gets confused, I educate him with some emperor
Stared at again
Spend lunch death-growling on command.

End of school- stared at by old people on the way home.

Quality day

It was a fun day. Gonna add an inverted cross tomorrow, see what it stirs up.

That'd be pretty edgy. Sounds like a quality variable to the experiment

ha this made me laugh

I'm gonna make it edgier and edgier every day, til I get expelled or something

Belial wrote:I'm gonna make it edgier and edgier every day, til I get expelled or something

YES! This will be beautiful. HAHA

I need pictures

I've not got it on, I've been home for five or so hours, but I'll try and get some. No phone policy tho

hahahahahahaha this is gold

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