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horrible review for mf doom meets clutchy

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1 horrible review for mf doom meets clutchy on Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:13 pm

ill be the first one to say that my hip hop knowledge is about long as (insert lame joke here.) anyways this album is a collab between rapper MF doom and electronic/hip hop producer clutchy hopkins. but, it though that clutchy is just a pseudonym for multiple different produces. but, his downtempo work on this ep is fantastic, really fits doom’s slow and steady flow on this release. (i dont fucking now hip-hop terminology). the lyrics aren't going to be winning any awards but they get the job done and they are very listenable. the production and sound qaultiy isnt the best thing i’ve ever heard,but still is good enough for me to listen to.

overall an decent album and I may be checking out some more MF doom works.

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good review

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